For the longest time, business financing has been handled by banks and other traditional institutions. However, the business world is advancing at a tremendous pace, and there are numerous financing solutions which fall outside of the abilities of traditional lenders. In these cases, entrepreneurs turn to building direct relationships with commercial lenders to find the solutions that fit their needs.

Commercial Lenders Offer Faster Processing

One of the biggest issues entrepreneurs face when seeking traditional loans is the time it takes to process requests. Traditional lenders have an internal chain of command, which often means requests for financing get passed from department to department, and even between entire branches, before a decision is made. Select commercial lenders are unburdened by red tape, and can process requests for business financing quickly and efficiently, so entrepreneurs do not miss any windows of opportunity.

Commercial Lenders Are Not Bound By Limitations

Traditional lending channels have limits on the amount of financing they can offer businesses. The reasoning behind this is partly because traditional lending institutions want to protect themselves, and steer clear of investments which may seem too risky. Unfortunately, new and small businesses fall into the category of risky investments. To minimize the risk, banks place limitations on the amount they can lend. Commercial lenders, on the other hand, fully understand the needs of businesses, regardless of size. In fact, leading commercial lenders often have histories of owning and running successful businesses, and have transitioned to financing because businesses that have the capital they need to thrive and grow make for a healthy economy.

Commercial Lenders Offer More Than Just Loans

Traditional lending institutions deal in loans. Businesses apply for financing, put up collateral and take on debt to access funds. However, the business financing landscape has changed drastically over the years. Loans are only a fraction of the picture. Commercial lenders offer equipment leasing, invoice factoring, purchase order financing, and a whole host of business financing solutions that do not involve taking on debt. The right commercial lender will also not deal strictly in “bottom line numbers.” Instead, they will work with business owners to understand all of the details surrounding their needs and goals to create a solution that works.

At METRIX Capital Group, we are a leading commercial lender, nationwide. We pride customized financing solutions to businesses of all sizes, throughout every industry. If you are looking for business financing, and traditional loans are not the right fit, contact our offices.