As we leave the first quarter of 2018 and enter the second, data has started to filter in regarding the performance of businesses across the United States. So far, small businesses are seeing substantial growth over other sectors. Additionally, growth among small businesses indicates more entrepreneurs are utilizing alternative funding solutions over traditional bank loans.

Small Businesses Are Expanding

 Main street isn’t just growing up, it’s growing out. Data from the Small Business Lending Index shows that in 2018, entrepreneurs are using alternative financing solutions for commercial real estate and construction. Many small businesses are seeking financing to move into larger facilities, expand existing headquarters, or to flat out build establishments from the ground up. All of this is due to consumer demand in an economy which has been on the rise since 2015. Small businesses are carving out a larger market share for themselves, and to remain competitive, that means they are using more private lenders to sidestep any limitations they encounter with banks to achieve their goals.

Equipment Is On The Rise

Every business needs equipment, whether it is a workstation, trucking fleet, or anything in between. From the end of 2018 until now, small businesses have been acquiring more and more equipment. However, entrepreneurs are not just going out and purchasing the equipment they need. New and growing businesses are taking advantage of the benefits offered through equipment leasing agreements. Equipment leasing gives small business owners the ability to get the latest and best machinery and vehicles without debt. Additionally, leasing agreements allow businesses to upgrade their equipment, and take tax deductions on the payments made.

Keeping Momentum

There were really two factors at the start of 2018 which led to a more robust landscape for small businesses. First, the lax burden was lowered on small businesses, allowing them to turn their focus on growth projects. Second, there have been motions to walk back regulations. These two things have given small businesses a lot of freedom to explore alternative finance solutions and grow more rapidly than previous years. We also expect to see this trend to continue for years to come.

Get The Financing Your Small Business Needs

METRIX Capital Group works with small business owners across all industries to provide the financing and equipment they need for continued success. Whether you are just starting out, or looking to grow in 2018, our team can help you reach your milestones. Contact our offices today and make 2018 your most prosperous year to date.