One of the biggest aspects of business finance is building referral relationships. Many bankers and CPAs are able to deliver on client requests by finding solutions outside of the box, and making connections with commercial finance professionals. However, some bankers and CPAs are hesitant to talk with outside entities, because they have either been burned personally with how referral sources are handled, or because they want avoid any situation which could harm existing relationships with clients.

Treating Referral Sources With Respect

Referral sources, like all professional relationships, need to be given proper respect. After all, referral sources are not solely or one-off deals. Referral sources offer the potential to build strong and long-lasting relationships. When we talk with referral sources for the first time, we like to understand the services they provide, and how our business can mesh with theirs to offer comprehensive solutions to their clients. Getting to know and understand referral sources comes first, before we even begin discussing the prospective client.

Transparency And Referral Sources

One of the cornerstones for building relationships with referral sources is transparency. Referral sources, such as CPAs and bankers, need to know exactly what their clients will be getting. We have seen many business relationships fall apart and good, reliable people lose clients because what was promised was not anywhere near what was delivered. We have managed to stand apart from the rest by being completely transparent with out referral sources, so they can relay detailed and honest information to their clients. Additionally, we are very specific about about our rewards system, so referral sources never feel slighted after all of their hard work to create beneficial solutions for their clients.

Referral Sources And Their Clients

Another major point of any solution-based business is understanding the needs of the client. We recognize that there is much more to financing solutions than just bottom line numbers. We like to talk with our referral sources to get a clear picture of their clients’ current needs, the short and long term goals, and how we can help to bolster relationships between bankers, CPAs, and their clients. Context is key. Whether the client has reached borrowing limitations with their bank, if they are trying to find a way around an obstacle within their business, or anything else, having the full picture helps us create a solution that is tailored to their individual needs.

At METRIX Capital Group, we provide safe and secure solutions to our referral sources, to strengthen the relationships they have with their clients. We believe in adhering to a strong code of ethics, and being transparent with all of our partners. If you have a client looking for a solution that is outside of what the bank can offer, or if you simply want to learn more about what we do and our rewards for referrals, contact our team today.