So, you’ve launched a new business. Congratulations! You have made it over the first major hurdle, and now you can continue to carve out a spot for yourself in a competitive marketplace. But what are you going to do for growth capital? Many small business owners are so focused on maintaining operations and meeting customer demands, that plans to implement growth strategies get put by the wayside in lieu of accruing capital from sales. While this is a very safe approach, it can also delay internal growth projects. Fortunately, there is a much faster way to access growth capital in order to maintain momentum.

Taking A Step Back To Move Forward

Sometimes traditional debt structures are not the best fit for small businesses. Loans and similar financing place debt on the balance sheets, which leaves small businesses paying off a balance for years after they achieve growth, instead of moving forward at a steady pace. Additionally, banks may have internal limits regarding how much a small businesses can borrow for growth capital. This leaves entrepreneurs with few conventional options. However, there is a solution which provides growth capital to small businesses that works well on its own, or in conjunction with traditional financing.

Unsecured Business Lines Of Credit

 Unsecured business lines of credit are not just for large corporations. New and small businesses can access lines of credit as well, often with zero percent interest. These specially designed unsecured business lines of credit provide growth capital to complete internal projects, finance acquisitions, purchase large fixed assets, and more. Since there are restrictions on how the capital is used, business owners can allocate funds to anything they need to ensure growth and success, without the usual covenants or limitations of traditional bank loans.

Qualifying For Unsecured Business Lines Of Credit

 Unlike traditional loans and lines of credit, and unsecured lines of credit for new and small businesses has more flexible requirements. Instead of just looking at business credit ratings, the whole picture is taken into account. Sales, overall profitability, industry specialization, and more all go toward getting business owners the most value on a line of credit, with revolving and non-revolving options. What’s more, most entrepreneurs qualify for zero percent interest as the introductory rate, which translates to big savings for up-and-coming businesses.

Get The Growth capital Your Need Today

 At METRIX Capital group, we specialize in providing growth solutions for new and small businesses. If you have reached our bank’s limitations on lending, or simply want to sidestep traditional debt financing, talk to the experts at METRIX Capital Group, and get an unsecured business line of credit today.