One of the most difficult things for bankers and accountants to do is create and nurture referral relationships with other sources to provide a wider range of solutions to their clients. While referral relationships can yield client satisfaction and other rewards, many bankers and CPAs do not realize that relationships are a two-way street, and can become very useful, over time.

Leaving Money On The Table

In today’s fast-paced marketplace, the approach to referral relationships is often treated like some plug and play exercise. Bankers and CPAs establish an initial relationship, or sign up for a referral newsletter, and then they let things ride. Bankers and CPAs prefer to work with the tools and products immediately available. Unfortunately, this leads to missed opportunities to provide clients with tailored solutions to meet their needs, and an additional stream of revenue for making those connections.

Building Referral Relationships

As mentioned above, most referral relationships usually go in one direction. As with any relationship, communication is the key to success. Reach out to your referral partners to get the details of what they offer, and let them know your clients’ needs. Communicating is a big part of growing referral relationships. The last thing you want is to refer a client to someone who cannot fulfill their needs, or feel like you are establishing a connection from scratch.


Not all referral partners are created equal. By growing your referral relationships, you will be able to get a good feel for how they handle clients. Ideally, bankers and CPAs should find a referral partner with a strong code of ethics, who can handle solutions securely. It is also important to develop a referral relationship which will help you increase client retention. No one wants clients going around their backs to get direct solutions. A solid referral relationship is one where the partner redirects clients back to you, if they try to cut corners. A quality referral partner will work with you, not only to provide solutions and build a professional relationship, but also help you reach your own goals.

The METRIX Difference

At METRIX Capital Group, we strive to build strong and secure referral relationships with bankers and CPAs, to provide solutions for their clients. We treat our relationships as partnerships, and believe in full transparency in all we do, so you can strengthen the trust between you and your clients, and increase your bottom line in the process.