Finding the right business funding solutions can be challenging. Not every business meets the requirements for bank loans. Sometimes, the best business accounting solutions cannot create a source of extra working capital to help entrepreneurs reach their goals in a timely manner. Other times, what business owners need does not fall neatly into a traditional loans structure. So what can business owners, bankers, and CPAs do to get the right business funding solutions to ensure growth and success?

Business Funding Solutions For Bankers And CPAs

Bankers and CPAs work very hard to find business funding solutions for their clients. However, there are a number of factors which can limit the number of options available. New clients frequently do not meet the requirements for the loans they need. Credit ratings may not be high enough. The financial history may not be long enough or robust enough to justify the amount of capital required to take operations to the next stage of development. Similarly, existing clients may have hit their limit with the amount of financing available through traditional lending channels. For business clients, bankers and CPAs alike can look outside of their immediate sphere for other funding solutions. Business funding solutions such as equipment financing, sale leaseback financing, factoring receivables, and even unsecured lines of credit fall outside of traditional loan products, while still helping clients achieve their goals. On top of it all, CPAs and bankers retain their clients, and build up good will for future projects. The truth is that offering business funding solutions which are outside of the usual services allows clients to grow and reach their milestones so that they are in a good place later on to access larger traditional loans.

Business Funding Solutions For Entrepreneurs

Many business owners already have a broad brush understanding of how certain commercial financing products work. For instance, invoice factoring is a debt-free method of getting working capital while eliminating the wait for customer payments. Equipment leasing provides tools, machinery, and vehicles without needing a loan. Leaseback financing creates a source of working capital based on the value of equipment owned by a business. And unsecured lines of credit can be arranged for new and small business owners who might not qualify through traditional providers. The best thing to do is approach your accountants and bankers and ask how they can arrange those solutions for you, when conventional options may not be in the picture.

At METRIX Capital Group, we provide secure business funding solutions by working with bankers, CPAs and business owners alike to promote long term growth and success.