There is no doubt we are in a strong economic climate. Business owners, who were wary of taking out loans not but six months ago, are now positioning themselves for growth. However, not all businesses are looking to take on debt to reach their goals. In some cases, what business owners need may not even fall within the programs offered by bankers and similar lending professionals. Fortunately, there are a few things bankers can do to not only ensure the success of their business clients, but also retain and grow their own portfolios.

Increased Financing Doesn’t Always Yield Returns

Simply because business clients are seeking financing does not mean success is guaranteed. Bankers understand that loans involve some degree of risk, and even in a strong economy, revenue may not be enough to ensure timely payments on loans. Every year, the index increases with the number of businesses that are delinquent on loan payments, as well as those who default on loan agreements. But not every business requires a solution that fits neatly into a loan program. Additionally, some business clients have already met their lending limits, leaving many bankers wondering what to do next without losing potentially successful clients.

Bankers Should Not Avoid Alternative Solutions

Listening to the needs of business clients is of the utmost importance. If a small business owner is attempting growth, but needs more equipment, a loan may not be the perfect fit. Taking on that much debt may result in a default before growth is achieved. A leasing agreement on the other hand, may be more amenable and not place such a heavy strain on finances. While not many banks offer equipment leasing agreements, or similar programs which do not involve debt, there are partners out there who do. Finding reliable and secure referral partners who can offer alternatives to standard loans allow bankers to retain and grow their portfolios, while also ensuring the success of their clients. While the economy is in an upswing, clients need solutions which promote further growth. Being able to offer a wider selection of financing will help to increase the number of returning clients for bankers.

At METRIX Capital Group, we offer a wide range of alternative lending solutions. We partner with bankers to help them grow and retain their portfolios and ensure the success of their clients. We believe in security and confidentiality, so bankers remain the point of contact with their clients. Even if a business client tries to deal with us directly, we redirect them back to our banking partners. Contact our offices today to learn more about helping your business clients.